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I became interested in film at a very early age. I began to study the art more closely at University and eventually began working on my own independent student film entitled ‘Miracle’. I shot, edited and scored the film over the course of about two years.

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Since then I have worked on a variety of film & video projects including shooting and editing two independent TV pilot teasers entitled ‘Rags to Bitches’ and ‘Empire’.

I have also created several musical compilation videos which have been used for marketing and public relations purposes, snippets of which can be viewed here.
'COMMON CENTS' TV Financial Show (3:00)
'MIRACLE -Student Film' Clip (4:45)
'RAGS TO BITCHES' Clip (1:46)
'MUSICAL THEATRE' Compilation (4:19)
'JOHN ERIC' Hypnosis Comedy Show (3:54)
Christmas/Winter Holiday Images (5:24)

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